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Breath Awareness

Steps to practice

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Possible Benefits

-Slows the breathing process
- Reduces stress, hypertension
- Supports the heart
- Brings relaxation
- Decreases anxiety

- Increases peace of mind
- Supports apana vayu balancing digestion & menstrual flow.


- None

Three Part Yogic Breathing

Sitting: chair, cushion, block
"Dirgha" means to lengthen
This pranayama is also called:
- Mindful breathing
- Breath observation
- Witnessing the breath

- Sitting quietly and watching the breath.
- Not changing the breath, although becoming the witness of the breath; at times it may naturally trigger a deeper slower breathing cycle.
- Watching and noticing your natural breathing rhythm.
- Becoming completely absorbed in the breath.
- Bringing all your attention to the breath.


(Belly soft)

- Mindful Belly Breathing


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