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Ecstatic Yoga Immersions

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Asana II 
EY Asana II Analytics, Headstand, Salamba sirsasana


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Begin; Mountain
#1 Bring your body weight and energy into the right standing leg, press into toes
#2 Lift your left leg over the right thigh, above the knee, if possible wrap the foot behind the right calf
#3 Bend the knees and lower the hips to your comfort level, squeeze inner thighs together
#4 Bring left arm under right wrapping arms until palms touch, bring elbows down.

#5 Bring elbows and knees into alignment
#6 Engage bandhas and breath, gaze upon a dristi (point that isn't moving for balance)
#7 Repeat on the other side

Coming Out;

Release the leg and the arms and come back to mountain pose.

Analytics: Headstand, Salamba


Benefits: Balance & Concentration

-Hip stretch and opener
- Open's heart

-Open's shoulders
-Stretchs quads
-Strengthens legs

-Late pregnancy
-Injury or recent surgery in knees, elbows, ankle or wrist
-Arthritis in hips or knees

-If you cannot wrap the foot behind calf allow it to hang
-If shoulder's are tight, rather than wrapping arms,

bring forarms and hands into prayer position.
  to heart.

Foundation: One leg on Earth

-Free leg wrapped around standing leg
-If possible wrap foot behind calve 
-Align elbows and knees
-Squeeze inner thighs

Intention: Balance

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EY Samadhi Immersion (3).jpeg
EY Samadhi Immersion (3).jpeg
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Pranayama analytic


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Pranayama Practice

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