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Ecstatic Yoga Immersions

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Asana II 
EY Asana II Analytics, 3 Legged Downward Dog

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Begin; Table Top
#1 Curl toes under, straighten knees and lift hips to sky to downward facing dog.
#2 Fingers spread, palms pressing into the earth, strong arms with slight micro bend & ext. rotation.
#3 Take a breath in down dog, while drawing heels & heart toward the earth.
#4 Extend the right leg up and back, reach it high toward the sky.

#5 Align; internal rotate rt. leg, squ. hips, shoulders squ. & relaxed, flex foot, press back thru heel.
#6 Engage bandhas and breath.
#7 Repeat on the other side

Coming Out;

Release the extended leg and return to downward facing dog.

Analytics: Three Legged Down Dog
Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana
Balance, hip opener & Inversion

Benefits: Balance & Concentration
- Increases range of motion in hips, opens & strech's hips
- Strengthens & stretche's legs, arms, abs & back muscles
- Improves posture
- Benefits circulation & blood flow to heart

- Injury to knee, hamstrings, shoulders, ankles or hip
- High blood pressure
- Migraine & Epilepsy
-Arthritis in hips or knees

- Bend extended knee to stack & increase hip opening
- Bring knee to nose

Foundation: One leg, both hands on earth

-Fingers spread, weight evenly distributed
-Hips squared
-Heart & heels pressing toward earth
square & relaxed
Internally rotate extended leg, knee cap and toes face mat.
-Flex ext. foot
, pushing back thru heel.

Intention: Balance, inversion & hip opener

Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana

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EY Samadhi Immersion (3).jpeg
EY Samadhi Immersion (3).jpeg
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Pranayama analytic


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Pranayama Practice

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