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Ecstatic Yoga Immersions

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Asana II 
EY Asana II Analytics, Dancer, Natarajasana


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Begin; Mountain
#1 Shift body weight to left standing leg, with Rt. leg slightly behind.
#2 Bend Rt. knee, bring foot toward buttocks. Bring Rt. hand to inside of Rt. foot and hold foot at arch.
#3 Lift left arm up over hea
#4 Begin hinging forward as you lift Rt. leg up to parallel or more above the earth

#5 Press Rt. foot into Rt. hand & Rt hand gently pulls Rt. foot to head.
#6 Find your dristi or use the fingertips
#7 Engage the bandhas. Breath three deep breaths

#8 Repeat on other side.

Coming Out;

- Begin to hinge to standing, releasing arm, foot and balancing leg to come to standing.

Counter Pose:
Standing in mountain, centering and grounding.

Analytics: Dancer Pose


Benefits: Balance & Concentration

-Improves posture & opens the chest
-Full body coordination

-Strength & integrity to spine, hip, arms and legs
-Improves flexibility

-Late pregnancy
-Arthritis & carpal tunnel
-Sacroiliac pain
-Chronic or recent back or disk injury or surgery 

-Chronic or recent leg, hip, back, hip or shoulder injury
-Low blood pressure

-Use a chair or wall to hold while in the pose
-Hold pose with leg slightly back w/out lifting
-Natarajasana B, hold foot with both hands, bring to head.
-Nantum, h
old Rt. big toe w/Rt. hand behind body, flex Rt. elbow up. Lean forward W/upper body parallel to floor.

-Arms spread sideways or behind like wings

Foundation: One leg on Earth
-Weight evenly distributed on inside and outside of standing foot

Alignment: Left Standing Leg
-Rt. foot gentle pressing into Rt. hand
-Rt. hand gently pulling Rt. foot to head
-Rt. leg lifted, knee bent, toes pointed up.
-Hips square

-Chest open, torso hinged gently forward
-Arms ext. forward fingertips up/down
-Gaze at fingertips for dristi

Intention: Balance
-Gaze at dristi or fingertips

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Pranayama analytic


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Pranayama Practice

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