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Ecstatic Yoga Immersions

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Asana II 
Analytics, Half Moon, Arda Chandrasana 

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Analytics: Half Moon, Arda Chandrasana

Benefits: Balance & Concentration
- Balance & concentration
- Strengthens quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves

- Builds core strength
- Joint stability
- Hip opener
- Hormonal balance

-Late pregnancy
-Injury or recent surgery in arms, shoulders, rib cage,
  spine, hamstrings, ankle, feet, hip. 
- Neck issue do not twist to look up, keep head in 
  ment with spine.


- Knee to floor
- Hand to block
- Revolved
- Use chair (2 ways)

Foundation: One foot & same side hand.


- Keep hips & shoulders aligned (Stacked)
- Open chest
- Long spine
- Soft knees
- Shoulders relaxed
- Tail down

Intention: Balance


Begin; Warrior II
#1 With right foot forward bring your body weight and energy into the right foot.
#2 Inhale bend front leg slightly & lift back left leg while hinging forward
#3 Bring right hand to the earth 2 palms in front of the right foot
#4 Align hips and shoulders

#5 Extend left arm up turning head to gaze up to fingertips, keep head in alignment with spine.

Begin: Triangle (Left leg forward)
#1 Adjust left hand to be 2 palms in front of left foot
#2 Bring body weight and energy to the left foot
#3 Bend knees slightly while lifting back leg to parallel to floor
# 4 Extend right arm and fingers up
#5 Option to gaze up at extended fingertips

Coming Out; 
Bend standing leg as you bring other leg to the earth, releasing hands and come to standing. 


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Pranayama analytic


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Pranayama Practice

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