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Steps to practice

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Possible Benefits

- Energizing, vitalizing
- Increases oxygen in blood
- Improves digestion
- Removes toxins from the body
- Tones the lungs
- Increases metabolism
- Clears energy blockages
- Clears air passages
- Clears the mind



- Those with pacemakers or stents.
- Epilepsy
- Hernia
- Slip discs
- Recovering from abdominal surgery.
- Pregnancy
-High blood pressure

Bellows Breath

Just as a bellows heats a fire, this pranayama heats up the body. 

Position: Seated in chair, cushion or block.

-Inhale and exhale, evenly, rapidly and rhythmically, pulling the navel into the spine on the exhale.
- Take a final deep exhale 
- Engage the bandhas and hold the breath, while feeling the energy build in your body
- Inhale completely, 

- Take 5 integrating breaths allowing the breath to normalize.
- 27, 54, 108 breath cycles

- Repeat for 3 rounds.



- Place the hand on the belly to feel the abdominal muscles contract.
- Increase the speed of the inhale and exhale on the second or third round.



Bhastrika Pranayama

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