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Ecstatic Yoga Immersions

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 Immersions Directory

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Asana II 
EY Asana II Analytics, Tree Pose/Vrksasana 

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Analytics: Tree Pose/Vrksasana

Benefits: Balance & Concentration

-Stretch's, strengthens & lengthens muscles of
  the legs, hips, back, core, arms & shoulders.
-Hip opener

-Injuries or recent surgery to knees, ankles, shoulders &
-Arthritis in hips or knees

-Use of chair or block
-Feet; at ankle, below or above knee or half lotus
-Hands; Prayer extended or at heart, wide or narrow

Foundation: One leg on Earth

-Chest open
-Lift & engage core and pelvis
-External rotation of free leg, standing leg hip    neutral

Intention: Balance


Begin; Mountain
#1 Bring your weight and energy into right standing leg, taking most of 
      the weight off the left leg. Imaging the right leg is a tree trunk with roots.
#2 Externally rotate the left leg, turning the leg out and rest the heel of left leg onto right ankle
#3Deepen balance by bringing the leg completely off the Earth and higher onto the right leg. (Below or           above the knee or in lotus position)
#4 Bring arms up over head and spread your branch's finding  your favorite tree pose.

#5 Hold the bandhas and breathe while focusing on a dristi
#6 Repeat on the other side

Coming Out;

Release the leg and the arms and come back to mountain pose.

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Analytics Directory
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Pranayama analytic


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Pranayama Practice

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