Ecstatic Shaman​ 

Heal Thy Self, Heal Thy World

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Ecstatic Shaman

Ecstatic Life Certified Shaman Rights & Privileges 

Center for Awakening Ordained Minister

Sacred Touch Reiki Master

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Daily Live Course Schedule

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What You Will Learn

* Reiki Master

* Sacred Ceremony 

* Soul Retrieval

* DNA Activation

* Shaman Rights

* Journeying

* Dance's of Universal Peace

* Shaman Healing Modalities

* Plant Medicine

* Chanting & Drumming

* Rebirthing 

Ecstatic Life Shaman Rights & Privileges

We will dive deep into several shamanic traditions, Native American, Puruvian, Plant Medicine and many more. 

Using ancient and sacred traditions for healing the mind, body and soul, journeying to all levels of the being to heal and awaken the Soul Power within. Spiritual healing, ceremony, chant and journeying... healing the individual and ultimately the world.

You will become competent at helping others to heal with the many modalities and tools you will receive from your Ecstatic Shaman Training. You will also be competent in ceremony, journeying with groups of people, medicine wheel, soul retrieval, DNA activation, and much more. 

You will also become an Ordained Minister through Center for Awakening.

Online Course Coming Soon!

* Ecstatic Asana

* Ecstatic Breath

* Ecstatic Chant

* Ecstatic Dance

* Ecstatic Meditation

* Ecstatic Prayer

* Ecstatic CommUnity

* Ecstatic Service

* Ecstatic Journeying

* Ecstatic Samadhi

* Ecstatic Play

* Ecstatic Healing

* Ecstatic Ceremony

* Ecstatic Rapture

Ecstatic Shaman

What is Included:

*  Live Videos

* Online Video Library

* Ecstatic Shaman Manuel PDF 

* Weekly Group Conference Calls

* Chat CommUnications with Staff

* Ecstatic Shaman Certification

* Ecstatic Life Rebirther

* Reiki Master Certification 


Ecstatic Healing

Core Wound Healing

Energy Healing

Sacred Touch Reiki 

Medicine Wheel

Life Journey

Ecstatic Asana

Sun Salutations

Warrior Flows

Balancing Flows

Standing Sequences

Floor Sequences


Leading A Class

Adjusting Students

Anatomy & Physiology

Ecstatic Breath





Life Force & Vitality

Ecstatic Nidra & Samadhi

Connect with inner body

Focusing awareness inward

Activating chakras

Release wellspring of energy

Ecstatic Ceremony

The Four Directions

Sacred Ceremony

Ecstatic Soul Retrieval

Unifying all aspects of the Being

Merging into the Self

Ecstatic DNA Activation

DNA Healing

Full DNA Activation

Ecstatic Chant

Bhakti Yoga/Kirtan

Sacred Chant

Ecstatic Meditation



Raja Yoga

Hand Mudra's

Stillness Meditation

Yoga Nidra


Ecstatic Dance

Spontaneous Movement

Spontaneous Postures

Ecstatic Rapture

Union with Divine Self

Ecstatic Life

Eight Fold Path

Self Love Practice

Awakening Ceremony

Ecstatic Journeying

Healing the sub conscious

Astral Travel


Yoga Teacher Training

Grace Elizabeth

Divine Christensen 

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Mark Larsen


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Sally Firmage

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Annette Millett


Diana Fawn


Alex Tapia


Cliff Averre


Dean Peterson