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Jeanette Ricci

Ecstatic Life Practitioner
Ecstatic Love 

     -Building Your                                House of Love
       -Love your food 
         It will love you
      -Gratitude Journal

Ecstatic Mentor

-Ordained Minister
-Reiki Master
-Certified Crystal Healer
-Parent/child educator

-DōTERRA Wellness Advocate
-Ho’oponopono practitioner
-Member of the Association of Natural Health since 2014 and much more

Connecting to the Divine in You


Jeanette's Story

I was born into a life and mindset of poverty, control, abuse, and trauma. I didn’t realize I carried the trauma in my body and throughout my life. My journey of healing started when I became awakened to the possibility that I could transform my life. In hind site I wanted to leave the crisis mode behind that I was conditioned to live. It was time to light a candle in my darkest time and allow light to fill my world which ignited the a spark of joy and a Love for Life. As I learned how to take back my own personal power I became thirsty for knowledge and grew to overcome the challenges that no longer served me. That lead me on the most grand journey of Personal Development and Spiritual Awakening.

My profession as an early child educator helped others overcome their personal obstacles.  When my health began to fail it was time for me to turn all my talents inwards and learn to heal myself. So many factors played into my need to make the biggest changes in my life. I was unhappily married, a life time of abuse and trauma had taken a toll on my body and mind which caused me to tremble all the time. Being overweight, depressed and filled with anxiety had become a way of life. I was taking many prescribed pharmaceutical drugs which never truly addressed the cause of my illness, only my symptoms. I learned to numb out in order to survive daily. I didn’t realize the emotional baggage I was carrying was effecting my health. About 10 years later I was diagnosed with PTSD which explained all the symptoms that was causing illness in my body. 


It was at that time I took a steps in creating the life I wanted to live. I divorced and created technique for a safe space and the state of mind I desired to live in. Through this process the "House of Love" was born. It was there I began my transformation in every aspect of my life (physical, emotional and mental). For the first time in my life I would experience what peace, safety and unconditional Love felt like. 


My thirst for knowledge and the desire to create a better life for myself and my children was my goal, although I had no idea how big my mission would become. I discovered ways to heal myself physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally though many natural holistic healing modalities and techniques. I got off all the Pharmaceutical drugs and tapped into my own life force.

As an Early Childhood Educator I felt the calling to release myself from the restrictions of the traditional classroom teachings. Herd mentality and dumbing down bright minds has no place in what I have been called to do on this beautiful planet. My thirst for knowledge and desire to create a better life for myself and others led me to this mission natural healing methods. I gained knowledge in many techniques of Energy Medicine and developed the new skills and belief systems that supported healthier ways of living. With this knowledge I discovered ways to heal my own trauma and physical illness naturally and without the aid of pharmaceuticals. Reiki and other natural healing modalities led me to become a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor (TNC). The journey of “Holistic Living” has helped me to live a healthier and happier life.

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