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Analytics: Wide Leg Forward Fold

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Sanskrit, Prasarita Podottasana



   & Variations 

- Stretch entire body
- Strengthens entire body
- Opens hips
- Lengthens spine
- Inversion, brings energy to brain.
- Calms NS


- Back injuries
- Dizziness
- Migraines
- Very low or high BP


- Use a block to bring floor up
- Narrow stance
- Grab the elbows
- Stretch over to each foot.





Steps; Wide stance

- Wide stance, feet facing forward.

- Tail up to sky
- Lower body coming down to earth.

- Inhale lengthening body, crown to sky
- Exhale, stick tale out slightly and hinge forward at the hips, keeping torso long as you fold forward toward floor.
- Relax head gazing behind you.
- Bring both hands to the floor between the legs.

 Engage Bandhas & Breath

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- Feet straight, soft knees

 Coming Out of the Pose

- Bring the hands to the hips, lift the head and heart first, then hinging at the hips bring the body back to standing. Bring feet back to hip width.

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