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Sanskrit, Dandasanana



 Modifications #

- Builds core stability
- Strengthens arms & wrists
- Tones abdomen 


-Wrist or shoulder injury
- High or low blood pressure

- Drop down to your knees for a low chaturanga.




 Steps; From Plank Pose

- Both hands and all toes on both feet.

- Feet hip width apart.
- Elbows over heels of hand, elbows in toward body.
- Wrists and shoulders aligned.
- Chest forward.


- Pressing hands into the mat.
- Shoulders engaged (Not collapsing)

- Wrists & shoulders aligned with spider grip
- Begin to bend elbows and lower the body slowly.
- Body is one long line.
- Gaze forward, chest and heart forward.
- Elbows over heels of hands, coming in toward body.
- Shoulder blades engaged (Not collapsing)
- Engage core.


 Engage Bandhas, Breath

Coming Out of the Pose

You can either come all the way down to the floor and rest or move into cobra , or you can hinge the body forward and move up into up dog pose.

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