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 Belly or Diaphram Breath 

Steps to practice

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Possible Benefits
- Increases peace of mind  
- Improves lung capacity& oxygen
- Slows the breathing process
- Reduces stress & anxiety

- Relaxation of mind and body
- Regulates blood pressure
- Triggers the parasympathetic NS
-Relieves negative thinking
-Improves focus & concentration


Thoracic/abdominal surgery

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Sitting: chair or laying down

- Begin to relax the body
- Breath through the nose
- Invite the breath into the lower belly like filling up a balloon
- On inhale feel naval expands
- Exhale bring naval into spine
- Expansion on inhale, contractin on exhale
- Deepen the breath if possible
- Awareness on belly breath
- If your focus shifts, bring your attention back to deep slow belly breaths  




- Bring a hand onto belly (Chest)
- Counting the breaths
- Saying to yourself, breathing in on inhale, breathing out on exhale

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